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Sept 19, 2015
2.5 Day 25% OFF Sale

   (regular price except Lego)
        Friday, Sept 25th
Pre-Sale Event for Grown-Ups. Call for your ticket 6:30 - 8:30pm
        Saturday/ Sunday

        Sept 26th & 27th
            10am - 6pm

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Sept 18th, 2015
Fidget Toys on Global Noon News

What is a Fidget Toy? Why are they so popular? Where are they being used and by whom?

Video of segment
Feb, 2015
New Playmobil for 2015
Global News Friday, Feb 6th
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"Great Toys! Awesome staff! Great Customer Service! I will be back again and again! "
- Sara T
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In case you didn't get this post card in the mail or email ...
toy tester torch passing
How do you find big change? Scary? Exciting? Sad? Fun?

All of the above? There may be some tears this week, happy/sad ones as we celebrate new risks and adventures..

You may have always known me as a Toyologist. My mom planted that seed in childhood with imaginative and independent play as our roots, then it sprouted into a dream of owning my own store when I began at her toy store. At 30 my dream came true. I’ve been having fun and building relationships with loyal customers, reps, and employees (who’ve been more like family) since. The appreciation for each person who been a part of this chapter oozes out of me.

After opening the store I met my supportive, playful husband who helped me make the two tiniest Toyologists. They’ve grown up behind the counter and are often told “It must be the coolest, having a mom who owns a toy store!” YES, they have loved the easy access and toy testing. There have been so many life changes within these colourful walls. We’ve watched each other’s families grow up.

WOW, 25 years of playing in the toy industry already! Weird cause I feel 25, or 5. All this play has ignited a burning desire to bring PLAY to as many people as I can, of any age. I now NEED to pursue this passion with consulting, speaking, and playful events working in education, with municipalities, and corporations through partnerships and collaborations with other like-minded and playful team players looking to create change.

We all love the store, and ALL those involved with it (Debbie, please take a bow). This means I want The Village Toy Shop to continue on in the community as the go-to source for playthings it has become so well known for. I’d only told a few people this summer the idea of selling, and as fate would have it, the ideal person walked in the door. New owner, as of Oct 1st, is (insert drum roll) Teresa Johansson! This lovable lady worked with us at Granville Island Toy Co. and then at The Village Toy Shop.  Two birds of a feather, this really feels like “keeping it in the family”. I'll continue to do Global News Toy Tips and will support Teresa in any way.

It was said to me that “parting with the toy store is like a child you’ve raised going off to University; it’s a good thing, it’s hard, AND it’s a grieving process. Like that teenager that moves away with a solid foundation and support".

Thank-YOU for your support of our small family business year after year.

If we don't see each other in the toy store feel free to reach out to me by email.

Keep playing!

With gratitude,




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Thanks to everyone that voted for us in the

Reader's Choice Awards in The Now...

Voted #1 specialty independent toy store

for all of Tri-Cities!!!!!!

"Family Friendly Business Champion Award" from the Early Childhood Development Committee for Tri-Cities.

                    Congratulations to Ikea for runner up.

Looking for the Images, Descriptions and Prices for the toys on-air in our Global Noon News interviews? Featured Toys Page.

Find information about how it all began, what toys we specialize in, who we are, where we are, when we're having events or new toy releases.

Right in the heart of beautiful Port Moody, BC is the European styled Newport Village where our neighborhood toy shop caters to the community's needs and desires. Our community involvement includes both special events and charity work ). Perhaps it's the "soul" we put into everything, but somehow we have ended up being quite the destination for people from all over BC and even farther!

We are renowned for our expert Toyologists who love kids and the rewards of watching so many happy faces after receiving a "prescription for fun". If you share the values that support shopping locally, Greener toys, toy safety, and encouraging active imaginative play, then we're sure you will find the family owned and operated Village Toy Shop Toyologists are the ones to turn to for trusted advice.

Check out the Special Services page for details about our amazing Club, gift wrapping, "emergency toy buying service", special orders, Corporate buying (Corporate and Union Christmas parties) and teacher discounts just to name a few.

For the latest updates on toys and TIPS make sure to subscribe to our e-newsletter. Check out the Press Page for a sampling of some of the coverage our thriving little shop has received.


Kirsten Anderson



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